The Remembrance – Al`Kabor and Sir Jevik Isqual

“As a calming breeze flows through the land, the waves of the Ocean of Tears sway gently with the ship that carries the Chosen One of Tunare as this fair maiden makes her way to the city of Freeport. The mighty ship Siren’s Bane pulls into the city of Freeport.”

The Siren’s Bane, carrying Firiona Vie, Thubr Axebringer and Sionachie Heartsinger, docked in East Freeport. It was a long and somber journey for them. They traveled from Greater Faydark where Firiona met up with Lorisyn and Lyirae Oakwynd, the ranger twins. Villains from the past who they had encountered some time in the past had killed Lorisyn. Thubr told Firiona about the others that she needed to find. He told her that the human Paladin of Marr and the Erudite would be found in Freeport. During the trip, Sionachie amused them by playing music. Thubr kept them company by drinking his dwarven ale.

Thubr Axebringer reached his hand out to the high elven beauty’s arm to assist her off the boat. “Careful milady!” Looking out over the buildings of Freeport, Thubr said wistfully, “Freeport, the trading hub of the world. It’s filled with thieves, smugglers, crooked guards, dangerous mages creeping through the gutters, and of course all the ale ye can drink. Welcome to Freeport milady. Ye are sure to find that blasted Erudite amongst this scum.” Thubr led them to West Freeport, where he believed they could find the Erudite wizard, Al`Kabor, studying and researching at the Academy of the Arcane Sciences.

Firiona Vie motioned to Sionachie to follow her, as she was led by the dwarf. Thubr continued to swig from the flask of dwarven wine he had brought with him from Faydwer. Emptying the one flask, he rifled through his pack and finding yet another, uncorked the cap.

Thubr stumbled slightly as he stopped to get his bearings in the city. “I know it’s around here somewhere, I jus’ can’t see straight at the moment.”

Sionachie giggled to herself, “Perhaps we can rest here and get one of these citizens to assist us by seeking him out.”

Stopping some passers by, Thubr addressed them, “Friends, excuse me. Can one of ye go seek out the Erudite at the Arcane Sciences Hall? Tell ‘im some old friends are here waiting for ‘im. Don’t tell ‘im who sent ye, it’s a surprise. We’ll be right here on the grass.”

The strangers agreed and went forth in search of the Erudite. Thubr settled himself on the grass, sitting down heavily. “Milady, that sure was a pretty boat ride wasn’t it? The bartender and I became best of buddies.”

Firiona agreed, “Aye, it was Thubr. I do hope we find the others. My memories are still not completely recovered, and you never mentioned their names. Who are they?”

Thubr Axebringer laughed deeply and said, “I apologize milady, but I’m having trouble rememberin’ me own name at this point.” The three laughed and continued to talk as they sat upon the grass, the warm sun shining upon them as it began to set in the west.

“Al`Kabor, ol’ buddy.” Thubr stammered. “It sure is good to see you again. Here have a sip of ale.”

Al`Kabor in his usual stubborn manner, pushed the mug away from him, “Get that dwarven poison away from me.”

As Firiona Vie looked at the tall, mysterious man closely, she took a step back and tried not to fall as a vision came to her. “I… I remember you now.” Recovering, she bowed gracefully toward him. As her staff touched his shoulder, a puzzled look crossed the wizard’s face. He felt a stream of memories flow back to him like a torrent.

Al`Kabor studied the high elven female for a moment, then drew back slightly, stroking his chin. One eyebrow rose in an unusual display of surprise. “Fair lady, I must admit, it is indeed a pleasure to see you again. It has been a long time since we last traveled together.”

Firiona Vie told him of her intention to journey to the far off land to seek out the Ring of Scale and find out why her memory was taken from her. “The Ring of Scale is responsible for my memory loss… and for yours as well sir,” Firiona said bluntly.

Al`Kabor hesitated with astonishment as he recalled the Ring of Scale and the possibility the memories had been stolen from him. “My memory? Nonsense! I remember everything,” he lied.

He was concerned that the Ring of Scale might have control of greater powers then himself. He was very interested in traveling with her to confront the Ring of Scale. He agreed to go on the journey to the new continent.

News of the arrival in Freeport of Tunare’s chosen traveled quickly. Sir Jevik Isqual had just finished his shift at the Freeport Guard House in North Freeport, when he heard the whispers on the breeze.

Once he made his way through the crowd gathered around her, he knelt before her. He considered her the most beautiful creature throughout Norrath.

“Milady!” Sir Jevik Isqual removed his helm. “Milady, it is an honor to be in your presence once again. I have missed our travels from days past. Protecting you was a great honor for me. I hope I can be of service to you again, milady.”

Firiona Vie remembered him from their travels long ago. Explaining what she must do, he was very concerned for her safety. “No! No, milady! You shouldn’t seek out the Ring of Scale. It would be too dangerous for you to journey there.”

“I must approach the Ring of Scale to find out why my memory was taken from me” she explained.

“Your memory milady? The Ring of Scale is dangerous. I do not think you will find the answers you seek.”

“Milord, I must try. Once I have gathered the others that remember that battle long ago, I shall start my journey. Will you journey with us milord?”

“If I cannot talk you out of going, milady, I will journey with you as your protector.”

Sir Jevik reminded her of the barbarian female, Dagda Icefury, in Halas but informed Firiona that he could not journey with her to the North. “Milady, I cannot let you travel there alone. Please wait until I have finished my duties here in Freeport. I will travel to Halas with you then.”

“Thank you milord, but I must hurry to Halas. I cannot wait. Lyirae will travel with me. She is the sister of the dearly departed Lorisyn.”

“Sister? Departed? Milady, what happened to Lorisyn?” Jevik asked.

“He was recently killed by a group of villains named Rogkasth and Ghargin led by a dark elven female named Vahlai Ka`Izal. I found out about his sister beforehand.”

Jevik said sharply, “Rogkasth! That foul Troll. I regret that I had not the chance to kill him long ago. Milady, I hope he did not come close to you.”

“Milord, do not be concerned for me.”

“Take care on your trip to Halas then. I wish I could journey there with you.”

Al`Kabor took a step forward and said, “She will be safe, Paladin. Their kind would not venture to that icy land of the barbarians.”

“Aye, milord. I will be safe. I will be in save hands with these. Fear not.” Firiona Vie and her companions set out toward Halas.


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