EQOA Of the Lavastorm Mountains

“The Lavastorm Mountains are a very active volcanic mountain range NE of the Nektulos Forest. Forged of sheer granite and cobalt stone, its ridged peaks are desolate and utterly devoid of flora–a dark gray wasteland of stone and magma.”

“It is rumored that some of the creatures who roam this barren region are not natural in their origins. Rather, many of the elementals and the fire crawlers…are thought to be the summoned creations of the conjuror Najena, who has inhabited the abandoned temple carved into the face of Lavastorm’s most robust peak.”

In this region are Nagafen’s Lair, Solusek’s Eye, and the Temple of Solusek Ro.

“The Temple of Solusek Ro is dedicated to advancing the individual progress of all Norrath’s adventurers…[It] is a sanctuary built into the fiery mountains of Lavastorm, overlooking the great, inverted volcano of Solusek’s Eye. Within the temple walls carved of black steel and fiery red stone, dedicated followers from all of Norrath’s races come to pay homage to Solusek Ro and pursue further training in their chosen profession. The temple’s residents are said to forge many magical pieces of armor and weapoins to be bestowed upon adventurers who willingly embark on quests to enhance their skills, as is the way of the followers of Solusek Ro.

“This temple is well kept by the wards of Ro. Small imps move about the fiery temple to ensure everything is in order and that adventurers are not overstaying their welcome. Combat is not welcome within the temple, for this is a place of learning, not violence. If one defies this rule, the fierce wrath of the temple will descend without mercy.”

“Located within the great volcano of the Lavastorm Mountains, Solusek’s Eye is a set of caverns with molten lava and precious ores running through it. The Solusek Mining Company, an intrepid group of gnomes, has come here from their home city of Ak’anon to mine ore and produce tinkered creations. To aid in the excavation of this dangerous region, the gnomes have brought with them a horde of clockwork miners who can better tolerate the intense heat emanating from the pools and rivers of magma.

“Fire Goblins also make their home here, unaffected by the searing heat. Though the mining company and Fire Goblin clan are not in direct conflict, they have no love for each other. They do, however, share a hatred for the Solusek Kobolds and the Fire Giants. The latter serve the great red dragon, Lord Nagafen, as do the Fire Goblins themselves.

“Those that dare to trek too deeply through Solusek’s Eye are advised to be wary of stumbling into the lair, for the creatures that lurk there are far more deadly than the goblins and fire elementals of Solusek’s Eye. The lair is accessed through the innermost tunnel system of the complex.”

The Fire Goblin King accepted a pact offered by Nagafen whereby the goblins built Nagafen’s lair and in return, the King and his family retain control of the subjects unchallenged. This type of social stability is unheard of in goblin society.

The gnomes are established at Ak’anon (long story) and have set about exploring. They founded Klick’Anon some time ago, as evidenced by the extensive building and the Rogue Clockworks that has sprung up. They will soon find a path into the Lavastorm Mountains that will open up the area for the rest of us to explore.

“A large, open lava crater in the Lavastorm Mountains, known as Solusek’s Eye, is the lair of many dangerous and rare creatures. The worst of these is the obsessively greedy anceint red dragon, Nagafen, who was cast out of the Ring of Scale for reasons known only unto himself and the elders of the great council.

“Carved by fire goblins centuries past, the subterranean complex of Nagafen’s Lair is a veritable maze of winding paths and thin, narrow bridges of stone that hover uncomfortably above the rivers of flowing magma. Many chambers in the topmost region of the lair are inhabited by the kobolds loyal to Lord Nagafen. Although subdued beneath the tyrranical dragon’s will, the kobolds have managed to uphold their own traditions and culture–proudly sustaining their own king, nobles, and high priests who order everyday kobold life.

“As the caves wind deeper into the volcano, the inhabitants become increasingly deadly and ferocious.”

Since the complex was built centuries ago, it stands to reason that we should be able to find it once the gnomes open the gateway into the Lavastorm Mountains. At that time, there will be some amount of confict with the fire goblins and kobolds before things reach a steady-state.

“Cast out of the Ring of Scale for reasons that still remain unclear, the red dragon Lord Nagafen has resided for centuries in the fiery depths beneath the Lavastorm Mountains.

“As chronicled within the annals of the devout followers of Erollisi Marr, known as The Maidens of the Rose, Nagafen, true to his dragon nature, exacted a toll in maidens from the people of Qeynos, forcing them to transport one maiden a year across the continent and leave her in his cavern dwelling. This went on for many years, until a pious and beautiful maiden named Erollette–a novice in the temple of Erollisi Marr, the Goddess of Love–was selected. When Erollette sank to the ground before Nagafen, she uttered a final prayer to her goddess, asking only that her sacrifice be the last the maidens of Qeynos must endure.

“Her bravery and selflessness touched the goddess, who took pity on her. As Nagafen prepared to dine, Erollisi used a golden thread to sew Nagafen’s heart to his stomach, twisting his pangs of hunger into pangs of love for Erollette. Under the enchantment, he could not bear to eat her, or anyyhing else–he was lovelorn after all. So he grew hungrier, but the more he starved the more his heart swelled in his chest and the bigger his body became, until he was so huge he could not leave the confines of his cave. He begged her to stay with him, but seeing that the dragon was helpless, Erollette rejoiced and returned home to report the good news and dedicate her life to worship.

“It is said that when this happened, Nagafen cried one enormous tear that turned into a diamond as it rolled down his cheek. This diamond is called Solusek’s Eye for the volcano it now lies within. As the dragon’s heart burst, he bellowed a cry of fire into the earth that caused a string of volcanoes to rise along the coast and caused chunks of the continent to break away, creating many tiny islands. He is still bellowing to this day.”


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