Worn Coldain Tome

This document is to record the creation of grudge: 2398b sub-table 7a

The following is an account of the actions that lead to said grudge. The following witnesses swear their clan honor to the truth of the account as spoken by Burdael of Clan Flying Axe.

-Gurno Dungrip
-Thurgrim: Clan Onyx Hammer
-Azguz: Clan Flying Axe
-Xoleres: Dwarf Friend of Clan Ironsides
-Durgious Redeye
-Dval: Clan Flying Axe

The account is as follows:

“I am Burdael of Clan Flying Axe. And what I now say, lest shame on my Clan, is truth. We had been in the field hunting for 4 days out of a scheduled 5 day expedition. I was scouting at the time when I heard a tremendous and angry roar from some colossal beast. I say as a Coldain that I was afraid. The others in my party caught up to me and heard the beast as well. Our fear faded with reassurance in numbers so we decided to find the source.

After coming over the top of a small hill we caught sight of a battle between 5 frost giants and one dragon of black scales. We froze in our tracks at the fearful sight. We then watched in horror as the 5 giants, one gifted with magic, slowly murdered the dragon with tactics of heavy dishonor. Their shaman had restricted the dragons movement. With the dragon unable to reach its attackers, the giants kept their distance and threw boulders and spears, while the shaman used magic. The giants did not even have the decency to finish the noble beast off, leaving him to die in the snow. We wanted to interfere, but the giants were too many.

After the giants had left, I ran down to the dying dragon, the others opted to stay behind. He raised his head, caked in dragon blood, and then told me his name and made me swear to remember and record it. I now swear to smith an axe in remembrance of him. It will remain in my clan’s posession as long as there are Coldain.


Onyxbrand – Etching reads: Remember, Garzicor


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