True Healing

Dwarven Advice

I ne’er thought that the Duke would ever be lettin’ me use his spells, but I guess he be thinkin’ I kin be casting better magiks than some. I know not really, and can’t care a lick neither. What I gotta tell you boy, is that you be wackin’ all them buggers in the old Estate over yonder.


But you ain’t been spendin’ your time using the old healing magiks. Aye, you kin blast em all fine and good wieldin’ the power of our God there lad, but you can’t know power till ye be healin another dwarf. Aye, ’tis a good feelin’. Well, ‘sides that point, guess you got one yourself there. It sure is funner than all gettup t’ be smackin’ the heck outta the bones.

Well, do what you were doin’, just don’t get your sorry head bit off by dem abominations.


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