Translated Parchment


We are ready for you to move into the next phase of the plan.

I have read your thoughts on the x’kanta Johann, and his chosen tool, Stanos. Johann is a willing pawn, and will serve us well, for greed is yet another facet of Innoruuk’s power.

Stanos should also work out well, he is quite formidable, though I understand he does not yet know he has been chosen to actually carry out the task. Watch him well when the time comes, but I agree with your judgement.

Joren will be in Qeynos the entire month, so you have ample time to s’ktkar your task. Enclosed are the tools you will give to the Human x’kanta.

The blade is a gift from Innoruuk himself, forged in his temple and imbued with rage. Be sure to recover it after the mission is complete, it is much too powerful to leave in the hands of those we intend to il’kaash in the future. Combined with Stanos’ skill, Joren and his guards should fall easily.

The Guise has been handcrafted my our Master Coercer and should allow the wearer to pass undetected as Koada’dal, thus allowing the assassin to gain entry into the Ambassador’s quarters. Luckily, it shall be a Human transforming himself into that zm’rina form.

Be sure to eliminate all the human x’kanda you have recruited, and have no fear of the repercussions, for the Circle of Unseen Hands is no threat to us here in Neriak.

I have spoken with your master Tani N’mar and he assures me that his group of x’kantar will aid us if need be.



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