The Story of Taruun

The Story of Taruun

As told by:

Mahlimik Dak
Grand Historian of the Jharin


This is the tale of Taruun, the first Vah Shir scout.

Taruun was discovered as a small child. He was found wandering the Old World continent of Odus alone. His face was scarred and his fur was burned in patches. It was apparent that he had been without food for some time. The orphan was very near death when Kerran hunters found him and brought him back to their village.

The Shir tribe adopted the child and nursed him back to health. The tribe searched for some trace of his family, but did not succeed in finding them. The young cub was either unable or unwilling to speak which made the hunt for his origins that much more difficult. After several years of searching all efforts to find his family were officially ended and the boy was adopted into the tribe. That is when they gave him the name Taruun. As Taruun grew it became clear that he would never grow to be like the other Kerrans. It was obvious to those who knew him that whatever trauma he suffered had scarred him deeply. He never spoke, nor even growled for that matter. He kept to himself mostly, sometimes wandering off on his own for days.

Taruun demonstrated abilities that no Kerran had possessed. All Kerrans could move quietly while they hunted, but Taruun was different.

He moved silently, undetectable by even his fellow Kerrans. Added to this was an amazing ability to instantly blend into any background. He did so without the normal visual effects that a shaman displays while casting a spell of invisibility. Taruun could disappear at will.

The boy never spoke, but he proved his value to the tribe during those first years. He often returned from his solo treks into the wilderness with more food than the elder more experience hunters in his tribe.

Some days he would return with more food than an entire gathering of hunters. The tribal elders watched this and grew curious.

One morning the tribal elders asked the youth if they could send hunters with him on one of his treks. He simply nodded and motion for the elder hunters to follow.

The hunters had learned to respect young Taruun prior to that day and followed the youth with open minds. It is fortunate for all of us that they did so. The skills that they learned in that expedition and all of the ones that followed it are still used today.

Taruun continued to take hunters with him for several years after that first trip.

The hunters that he taught passed their knowledge to the hunters that followed behind them.

Seasons passed and the tribe flourished and grew under the tutelage of the silent youth. This continued until the day that he left the tribe.

No one can remember when or why the youth left. Some speculate that he was a spirit. Other had said that he never existed. I prefer to think that he was a fleeting part of the shadows, destined to move with the sun.

Our people all learn the story of Taruun at an early age. The boy never spoke the name himself, but his actions and skill spoke like no words could. Our elders say that the story of Taruun is a lesson in humility. He helped our tribe without the use of words and with no desire for gratitude. That is why we have named our scouts after the youth. They are the epitome of what he represented to our people.

That is the story of Taruun, the child that taught a tribe to survive.


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