The Soulstone of Gukta

The Soulstone of Gukta is something that I have created to help return to our new home. The stone was created out of necessity. As one of the original Elders of the city I was tasked with searching the world for treasure that we could use. Weapons of great magical power are needed to defend our city. One fateful night we stumbled into the sweltering lair of Lord Nagafen. We slowly made our way down to his lair. We were not after the gold, only the more unique treasures. Lord Nagafen must have just finished off a group of adventurers because he was sleeping near his gold hoard. His snoring was so loud it rattled the walls, and his exhales filled the chamber with flame. My small band and I crept against the walls shadowed with spells. We loaded up as much artifacts as we could hold. We tried to escape the lair with it but the clanging of metal woke the great beast. Thankfully we were able to escape with our lives but at the cost of having to drop all of our bounty. If we had the Soulstone I am about to describe we could have used it to escape with all of the artifacts of power in hand.

Using our most skilled pottery artisans I called for the Soulstone to be created. On a pottery wheel they used the following to create the unfired stone:

Idol Sketch, Large Block of Magic Clay, Celestial Essence, Vial of Distilled Mana, Gukta Essence, Water Flask, and Sculpting Tools.

The Gukta Essence was created from plant life grown near our home. This is what helps to tie the stone to this place.

Speckled Toadstool, Water Flask.

Once the unfired stone was created all that was left was to fire it inside of a kiln. Special precaution was taken to make sure all of the power in it was sealed off :

Unfired Soulstone of Gukta, High Quality Firing Sheet, and Divine Crystalline Glaze.

Now that we possess this powerful stone we are planning a trip to visit our old friends in the eye of Solusek soon.

– Lokta Elder Sigig


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