The Odus Chronicle Vol. 2

A calm to the storm ———————

Antonious Bayle IV made a reassuring announcement to his people of the Qeynos Kingdom, quelling any unfounded rumors that a war between the followers of The Plaguebringer and those who would wish to retore health to the soil of their kingdom. The benevolent king made promise to his people that he would not bring them to a war that would cause any innocent lives to be lost and that all propaganda and coercing of the vengeance hungry citizens toward sush an act should cease immediately.

We give a great bow of respect to the sovereign king in his stern yet appeasing act of maintaining peace in a time of turmoil.

The Search for the Lost ———————-

Several months past, one of our admired and esteemed citizens, Aderius Rhenar, disappeared while upon a routine visit to Toxxulia for purposes of research. Leraena Shelyrak, Mistress of the Pease Keepers, has expressed great distress at knowing her prime student has been abducted and has made plea to the council to find him, or his remains.

The primary suspects in this abduction were always either the Kerran or the Heretics, but recent evidence has pointed to the kobolds of Odus. We have received information that Aderius is being held captive within the Warrens for reasons unknown, but it has been assured that he is still alive.

Despite our desires to see this priest freed from the kobold’s clutches, the location of the Warrens and our enemies that reside within Paineel have given us proper reasoning to give merely our prayers to The Tranquil for the safety of the abducted.


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