The Neriak Signal Vol. 5

*The Child of Hate*

Deep in the heart of Neriak, the King and Queen held a war council to discuss the strategy against Lanys T’Vyl and her followers.

During the council, Mayong Mistmoore appeared in an obvious fit of rage toward the Crimson Triad. He informed the Royals of Lanys T’Vyl’s ritualistic ceremony in which resulted in the capture of his minion Khasra Vei’Ras. He informed them of Lanys’ location and of her intention to complete Malevolence.

In the Rathe Mountains, Lanys was preparing to complete the ritual. The Crimson Triad interrupted her and a great battle began. The battle was long and bloody. Growing tired and angrier by the wait, Mayong Mistmoore appeared, knocking Lanys T’Vyl unconscious. He then grabbed Malevolence. With the Bloodmoon in hand, he completed Malevolence. He then placed it in the hands of the archpriest, Dorvias N’Keth and told the Crimson Triad to complete the sacrifice of the Lanys T’Vyl.

Instructed by the King and Queen, Ashteth T’Dral and Dorvias N’Keth quickly began the sacrificial ceremony.

Upon the appearance of the Avatar of Hate, he took Malevolence from the hands of the Archpriest with instructions to venture to the Plane of Hate when he is summoned.

Once the ceremony was completed, the King made the following announcement in Neriak:

“Loyal Teir’Dal. The time has come for our nation to move on to greatness. Neriak has conquererd over the armies of Lanys T’Vyl. At last, the sacrificial ceremony has been performed in the name of our father. The Avatar of Hate has absorbed her essence and power. Valizrae D’Tora, the new chosen, has been freed and is now beginning her training to become the new child of hate.”

Lanys’s minions, outraged by the sacrifice of their leader, are quickly constructing a temple in her honor. The King and Queen show no concern over this factor


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