The Long Walk

Flowing Black Robes

It was a very calm day in the Karanas and the plains’ namesake was blessing the land with a bountiful amount of rain. The land grew silent as the rain trailed off and the calls of wildlife could be heard for miles. Suddenly, a distant cry was heard and the sound of cackling bones hit the man’s ear.

He sprinted to the origin of the sound, paying little heed to the cuts and scratches he received from running through the brambles. On scene he saw a Teir’Dal dressed in a brilliant black robe which to him appeared to be flowing. At his side was an abomination of bones, fiercely fighting a noble treant. The treant fought valiantly but seemed to be outmatched.

The treant tried one last desperate attempt to save himself. He called to the sky and soon after, a rain of hail descended upon the Teir’Dal and his hideous pet. The Teir’Dal fell back, and the man struck from the brambles, taking the dark one off guard. The two spent time in a close-quartered fight whilst the Treant dispatched the Teir’dal’s summoned abomination.

The Teir’dal fell that day, and the man was rewarded with a blessing from the living forest itself.


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