The Great Father’s Fall

Page 1

The Great Father, Dranik, the largest and most powerful dragon of all the skies in all the universes was attacked by a most unfathomable force that wished to end the days of dragon kind.

Page 2

As the Great Father lay bleeding his immortal blood into the lands of Kuua, nature sighed and flourished unlike any other age of the barren world had known.

The dust turned to greens and trees. Creatures sprouted from the ground where his blood trickled took their first steps on the new land.

The lushness spread quickly across the world like a wave.

Page 3

Before Dranik lost all of his life-giving blood, he chose to defy the power that sought to see the end of all dragon kind.

He chose to create the dragorn. With his might of magic, he commanded his weakened body to become one with the earth of Kuua and then he raised a mighty claw and tore at his own flesh, creating the new and heroic race in his image, but different.

He gave them a size and shape that would allow them to flourish in the new world he had blessed with his own flesh and blood.

Page 4

As Dranik ran his claw against his own body, he created a great gouge in the earth of Kuua.

This sacred place has now become known as Dranik’s Scar — the very place where the Dragorn were born.


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