The End of an Age

Page: 1

Friend, Know this. At the end of the combine era, after Tsaph Katta had died, Seru sent his minions out to renew his Inquisition. This brought great torment and wailing to many. The Inquistion was dispersed when they attacked the Circle of Light. Although the battle left no survivors, the Circle of

Page: 2

Light succeeded in holding back the enemy while their loved ones fled. Out of respect, the enchanters’ descendants divided their Tomes, so all could have proof of their exaltation. We must not forget the great Tasarian, Velishoul and other Circle members. Honor them by reassembling their tomes!

Page: 3

Try to find sections of the enchanters’ tomes to piece together an entire spell.

Some of the pages may be faded but with careful research they can be restored to their prior glory.

Page: 4

It is rumored that some spells were so large that they had to span two or more pages.


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