The Darkening Compendium

Page 1

It was only years ago that the skies began to fill with ash and darkness from all the wars that tore through our lands — all the lands of Kuua.

Once the skies were blessed with blues and wisps of light-colored clouds.

The dragorns’ minds darkened first, then the skies did the same when brother turned against brother — for the first time in our history.

Page 2

Noble Yemall of the High Council of Eight recognized an illness on the air and minds of the dragorn before the fighting truly began and investigated.

He did determine that there was sickened air and it was the cause of strife among his people. But the sickness could not be felt or touched, it was like a rippling wave of dark magic.

All over Kuua, all creatures became sour and began to fight and then war with one another until all Kuuan races retreated to their own homelands.

The dragorn, the most civilized race of Kuua, retreated fully back to Dranik and stopped any dealings they had with other races of Kuua.

Page 3

Noble Yemall and his students spent many months feverishly trying to create salves and potions, even spells, that would calm the minds of the dragorn.

Yemall well knew the force of magic that diseased the minds of the dragorn was the greatest problem of all, but he could see no way to stop it.

They would soon find that their efforts may have been misplaced and that the darkest days were not upon them yet.

Page 4

As the skies began to burn hotter and grow darker across the world and the strife among the dragorn grew more volatile, the great city of Dranik changed with it.

Many dragorn were exiled into the caves and mountains of Dranik’s Scar, forbidden to live in the great City of Dranik.

So many were exiled that they began to organize themselves, sometimes attacking the defenses of Dranik in failed attempts to overthrow the council.

Some wished to return home and restore their names. Some wished for power.



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