The Dark Truth Vol. 7

>>Renewed Hope<<

After several months of living in plague infested lands, the hardy, and most notably intelligent people of Qeynos have finally come to a solution to cure the venomous little itch in their sides. An idol dedicated to the Plaguebringer himself, apparently buried in the fields by a desperate farmer who had made a pact with the Bloodsabers, is the object that has given renewed hope to the citizens of the plans communities.

Apparently this idol granted the farmer’s crops immunity from the plague, allowing his to be the only field in the entire span of the Qeynos realm to be blessedly free of the plague. Let us take a moment to reflect on this recent and most assuredly correct news.

We have never considered the Bloodsabers to be high intellect, but it appears that we were indeed most definitely incorrect in our previous estimates of this cult’s work. I suppose that we must all now extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to the Bloodsabers for their marvelous intelligence and devilish cunning — for as they were the source of the itch, they are now the hands that gently scratch it.

Dark Bargains

Danak Dhorentath, the famed Iksar loyal to none other than Venril Sathir, has taken it upon himself to seek outside assistance in fending off the defenders of Balance and all that is holy, good, righteous, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Having still in his possession the Lifeguide, a powerful artifact rumored to have been given to Firiona Vie by Tunare herself, this Iksar fanatic and one of his henchmen lackeys, a Teir`Dal wizard named Vahlai Kalzal, have apparently employed the aid of Tsemina Syl Tor.

A most mysterious and quite ancient being who inhabits the Tower of Frozen Shadow, Tsemina is known to hold quite a collection of souls — namely those pitiable unfortunates who fell when the Erudin loyals so ingeniously created what is now known as The Hole.

We believe that it is her specific knowledge of the immortal spirit that Danak has sought to employ to his cause.

A most marvelous decision, if we do say so.

It appears that those who have been at a rather dull stalemate for these past months have finally achieved a bit of intelligence in seeking outside aid — for it is most apparent that they simply cannot handle their own battles.

The exact intentions of Danak Dhorentath and Vahlai are unknown, though I am sure that such information will become rather public in the weeks to come.


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