The Dark Truth Vol. 5

Hate Revived ———-

The forsaken child of hate has finally fallen into the hands of the Crimson Triad and been returned to Innoruuk’s power. Within the Mountains of Rathe where the armies of Neriak and those foolish enough to follow the whimpering child battled the armies of Neriak emerged victorious and Lanys T’Vyl was exterminated by the hand of Innoruuk himself.

We have heard reports that, despite Lanys’ death, those who were loyal to her and her cause of eradicating Innoruuk and his followers from Norrath have continued their construction of a temple in the Mountains of Rathe for a purpose not yet known.

Good Eva’s Kitchen ———-

As a lack of interesting news within this ever growing base and dull world has our reporters and spies at a loss for anything worthy of our parchment and ink, we indulge Good Eva’s wish to contribute to the city she adores.

Vegetable Roughy:

1 Red Roughy
1 Vegetables
1 Jug of Oyster Sauces
1 Kelp Garnish


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