The Dark Truth Vol. 2

Runnyeye Citadel ‘Liberated’ From the Clutches of King Xorbb ********************************

Reports of a battle within the Citadel of Runnyeye have been intercepted from messengers across Highpass Keep and the Karana Plains. These reports have given word that the goblins have gathered enough gall and feral distaste for the Evil Eyes that have held them as slaves and miners within the Gorge of Knig Xorbb to cause a successful uprising.

Is has also been confirmed that the former King of these goblin slaves has been executed by the leader of the rebelion who then took command of his abase subjects and the keep. King Xorbb, however, remains alive and a possiblity of a counter strike from him remains.

The Plaguebringer’s Blight ********************************

The kingdom of Qeynos felt the venomous touch of the Plaguebringer’s hand several weeks past, but only now is this successful act of the Bloodsabres reaching the four corners of Odus.

Good Eva, the baker of our darkened fair city, has recorded that supplies obtained from the fields of Karana are few and those that rely on the bounty of those fields are now suffering as a result. The citizens of Paineel shall, unforunately, feel the touch of the Bloodsabre’s success in bringing about the power of their divine lord, a success that we may find reason to give retaliation toward if our own city suffers at any greater length.


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