The Book of Nadox

The Book of Nadox Page 127

The black stone has strange properties unlike anything seen on the mainland. Nearly all of our clan that have been exposed to it have become very sick. It is a strange sickness unlike any I have seen before. The blood turns black when they die, as if the disease were killing their spirits. Even the power of hatred seems powerless to remove this sickness from my brothers and my spirit guides will not lead me inside their bodies to seek out the scourge.

The Book of Nadox Page 129

There may be only one way for me to find the way to pure blood. I must taste the poison if I am to cure it. The ore has been chiseled, and the essence of the black rock has been distilled with the waters of Gunthak. Only one thing remains to be added, the gift of blood. The scourge will flow in me and through me and I will conquer it. The potion is ready. I must prepare. I will face the toxin tonight.

The Book of Nadox Page 130

The high shaman has been sick for three weeks now. We can feel his spirit dying inside him. We also sense the power of Innoruuk around him. We pray and make sacrifices to hate in his name. Asking for power for Nadox. Still he shivers in torment of the spirits.

The Book of Nadox Page 132

A dark figure visits our master. No one knows where he came from or why, but he walked past the guards with no effort. As if they were too afraid to touch him. He went directly to the bed where our master lay and pulled a vial from his robes and poured it into our master’s mouth. The dark figure walked quietly out of the room as our master began to convulse on the bed. We do not expect him to live through the night.

The Book of Nadox Page 135

I still live. By the power of hate I still walk this plane as a mortal. Innoruuk himself has come and given me pure blood of hate. No disease or toxin shall hurt me now. With this blood I will heal my brethren and we shall conquer our enemies.


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