The Antonican Times Vol. 8

::Antonican Times:

Volume 8, No. 1

~Wayfarers to Build Ship~

Wayfarers Brotherhood leader, Morden Rasp, has claimed the northwestern edge of Antonica as his shipyard.

He has named the area, Nedaria’s Landing, after one of his leaders and close friends, reports say.

Sources say that the area is still being surveyed and that Rasp does have plans to hire the best and brightest shipwrights in Norrath. Get your resumes ready.

There is plenty of employment and work required for this ship which Rasp has called, “the biggest ship the world has ever seen.”

~Fisticuffs in Lion’s Mane~

“The hooligans came out of nowhere. The Lion’s Mane used to be such a peaceful place. It was a sad day for us here,” Tomas Zelnik said.

At 2 A.M. on a quiet Monday night, two drunken dwarves entered the Lion’s Mane Tavern after arriving at the Qeynos docks. In an attempt to enforce a strict policy of “No Dwarves,” Barkeep Nug Rellash of The Lion’s Mane Tavern, asked the two young men to leave.

“They immediately dove for Nug Rellash and started punching him,” Zelnik said.

Rellash sustained minor injuries from the altercation.

“After they punched me a few times, they made off with some of my ale and disappeared,” Rellash said.

Qeynos authorities are looking for any information that might lead them to the two dwarves, said to be short, carrying axes, and inebriated.

“That is the very reason we don’t allow dwarves into our establishment,” Rellash said.

::Antonican Times:

Volume 8, No. 2

~Wayfarers Find Grozmok Stone~

The Wayfarers Brotherhood has located the Grozmok Stone.

Calliav Giniuar, a magician becoming known for his strange visions, is now studying the stone.

“Our friend, Calliav, is researching the Grozmok Stone and believes it has some kind of magic that may impact our next journey,” said Morden Rasp, Wayfarers Brotherhood leader.

The ship that the Wayfarers Brotherhood is building in Nedaria’s Landing is well underway as well.

“We’re always looking for enterprising young Norrathians to help us out here,” Rasp said.

~Trade Stops with Kaladim~

Earlier this week, King Stormhammer stopped all trade with Qeynos as a result of a scuffle between two dwarves and the pub owner of The Lion’s Mane.

King Stormhammer wants the “No Dwarves” signage removed from The Lion’s Mane tavern before trading will resume. He has also asked for a keg of dwarven ale returned to Kaladim and an apology from Barkeep Nug Rellash.

To date, Rellash has refused to submit a formal apology. He has been asked to meet with Qeynos officials as a result.

::Antonican Times:

Volume 8, No. 3

~Wayfarers Discover Taelosia~

The Wayfarers Brotherhood took the great ship, the Queen of Thorns, across the Abysmal Sea and found a continent surrounded by turbulent storms. Using the strange new stones, the ship now rests protected off the shores.

Magus Wenla said he had been in touch with a scout who was sent back to Antonica to prepare others to sail to the new continent.

“The scout said it was a terrible journey, but they followed the Grozmok Stone the whole way — it did as Calliav thought. It was a compass that led them into a safe harbor on the west side of the continent,” Wenla said.

There is a boat that will travel between Nedaria’s Landing and the Abysmal Sea, Wenla said. He added that the scout had mentioned terrible creatures in that new part of the world. Only the most sturdy and skilled should dare venture to the continent.

~A New Era~

:Antonius Bayle Transcript from Town Meeting:

The time has come for Norrathians to fend for themselves, now that the gods have ceased to heed the prayers of mortals.

The city has set into motion a plan that has provided us with resources the gods no longer grant us.

Through the mental focus of our citizens, and donations in tribute to the city, an aura of magic has been created that we, as a people, may draw from.

In order to keep the flow of favor, all citizens should donate items and coin. For each donation, benefits will be bestowed upon you. Seek out our city’s Tribute Master!

::Antonican Times:

Volume 8, No. 4

~Death Defying Mission~

An anonymous source has revealed that Wayfarers Brotherhood leaders Morden Rasp and Tondal Di’Xevar are on a mission to reach the highest temples of Taelosia.

“All me know is dat dey gots on da little boat and sailed off to da Natimbi place. Me heard Calliav Giniuar talk to Morden Rasp about finding some shiny ting and bringing it back to da ship, see,” the anonymous source said.

Nedaria Debeian, left to run the Queen of Thorns, did not have too much to say on the subject. She had reportedly been ill lately, but would not confirm or deny that information.

“Yes, they have indeed gone to Taelosia with a purpose, but I will not tell you what it is,” Nedaria said.

Calliav Giniuar would not comment.

~Trade Talks Collapse~

Talks about the recent trade suspension imposed by Kaladim’s King Stormhammer ended without resolution this week.

The ban on trade was initiated after King Stormhammer’s request that the “No Dwarves” sign in a popular Qeynos Tavern, The Lion’s Mane, be removed.

Owner of the Lion’s Mane, Nug Rellash, said he would not remove the sign, but would instead change it to read: “No Dwarves, Please.”

King Stormhammer refused and trade is still suspended.

::Antonican Times:

Volume 8, No. 5

~Brotherhood Leader Ill~

Rumors about the failing health of one of the Wayfarers Brotherhood leaders, Nedaria Debeian, have drifted from the Abysmal Sea to the rest of Norrath.

Those who claim to have seen Nedaria in recent days suggest that she is near death.

Nedaria’s aides, Wuria Pyskar and Parillin Shurava, claim the Erudite simply has a temporary viral illness.

“She is just fine and will be back on her feet very soon,” Wuria said. “We sit with her all day and tend to her needs as she gets over this sickness.”

Others claim to have seen several shamans and clerics entering Nedaria’s chambers and exiting with no answer or cure for the frail female.

~Qeynos Docks Hotbed of Crime According to Report~

According to a report filed by the Port Authority, the Qeynos docks are a breeding ground for criminals and unsavory activity.

The owner of the Mermaid’s Lure, Captain Rohand, didn’t really notice any criminal activity that should warrant a report however.

“Things are pretty calm here. You gonna buy some bait now?”


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