The Antonican Times Vol. 7

The Antonican Times Vol. 7 No. 1

Priests Find Cure: Plague to End Within Days!


Velarte Selire, priest of Rodcet Nife, claims that with the tremendous outpouring of support for their research they have finally found a way to bring an end to the plague which has been troubling us all for so long. Ironically enough, the solution to the problem about how to end the plague was found within an idol made by the followers of the Plaguebringer himself. In our last issue, we reported on a local area man, who had turned down the dark path and made a pact with the Bloodsabers.

In return for his loyalty, the farmer Jansen was given an idol and told to bury it in his fields. His crops flourished. After being discovered, the idol was confiscated and turned over to the Temple of Life.

Velarte Selire told the Times that they were able to purify the magical aura imbued into the unholy idol and remove all traces of the Plaguebringer’s influence. The priests were then able to modify the magical aura using their current anti-disease research so that the effect is dramaticallly more itense and powerful.

When we last spoke with the Priests of Life, they were constructing a number of braziers which were to be imbued with this new purifying aura. The braziers will be filled with a special incense and a massive “smudging” ceremony will take place. The smoke produced will then react violently against the impure elements in the Plains of Karan, eradicating the plague.

Some citizens expressed grave concern that the idea was untested and the effects of such powerful release of magic are unknown. However Velarte has assured us that though the sheer force of the magical energy to be released will be tremendous and perhaps frightening to some, he assures us that it is harmless and indeed beneficial to all living beings, plant and animal alike.

The Antonican Times Vol. 7 No. 2

Rampant Undead in Qeynos Hills

Legions of undead have crawled forth from the ground and are plaguing travelers to and from the City of Qeynos.

The cause of the sudden influx of undead are unknown.

However, officials believe the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the vile followers of Bertoxxulous.

The undead army’s encroachment upon the city of Qeynos has been met with little success however, as local adventurers are doing their best to stop the horde before they are able to breach the city gates.

Our thanks to all those who are doing their part. Curse upon Eastern Karana.

Reports are flooding in from residents of the Karana plains concerning another undead uprising taking place close to Highpass Hold near the Serpent Spine Mountains.

It is unclear whether the appearance of the undead hordes are related to the skirmishes with the skeletal army currently laying siege to the fair city of Qeynos.

Bizarre Cult in Ro

From our sister city of Freeport, we have received word of a strange band of individuals that have appeared in the Northern Deserts of Ro.

They claim to revere some being called Tishe Vlrm and reportedly are there for a feast of some sort.

Local scholars report that they have no knowledge of such a being and it is unclear whether this Tishe Vlrm is man, beast or god.

However, we are happy to report that it appears that the followers of this unknown being appear to have peaceful intentions.


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