The Antonican Times Vol. 6

Local Farmer Turns: Residents Shocked ————————-

A local farmer by the name of Jansen was recently discovered to be siding with those vile followers of Bertoxxulous. Complaints from residents of the Plains came to light when it was found that while most local farmers crops are doing poorly at best, farmer Jansen’s crops thrived.

Vegalys Keldrane, with the assistance of several local residents confrounted the farmer. It was found that he did indeed turn to the followers of Bertoxxulous in order to save his family from starvation and himself from ruin.

Magistrate Keldrane retrieved an idol buried in the farmer’s field that had an aura of protection upon it that rendered the farmer’s fields immune to the plague’s effects. The Priests of Life are very excited about this finding, which may result in the final end to this terrible perpetual disaster. The fate of the farmer remains unknown.

Ring Leader Found! ————————-

In related news, Azibelle Spavin, the woman personally responsible for unleashing the terrible plague upon the Karanas has been apparently been located.

Vegalys Keldrane has entrusted one of the best investigators and one of Kane Bayle’s best guardsmen with the task of hunting her down and bringing her to justice.

Body of Teir’Dal Leader Stolen ————————-

From the eastern coast of antonica, our friends in the city of Freeport have brought word that the body of the recently slain leader of a powerful faction of Dark Elves has been stolen.

According to reports, the body of Lanys was being held by those once loyal to her. However, special agents loyal to the King and Neriak were sent in on a special mission to steal the body for reasons unknown.


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