The Antonican Times Vol. 5

Priests of Life Bring Hope: Plague to End Soon? ————————-

The Priests of the Temple of Life bring citizens of Qeynos and Karana residents new hope this week as they announce their commitment to finding a way to bring an end to the terrible plague that has caused us so much heartbreak as of late. One radical idea in development is to use a sort of “anti-disease” enchantment that spreads much in the same way as a disease.

However it does not sicken those that come in contact with it. Rather it leaves them perfectly healthy and disease free. The enchantment is currently imperfect and dissipates too quickly to be of any real use right now.

The followers of Rodcet Nife have put out a call to anyone that has a sharp mind and a head for research for assistance with their tests as tehyh attempt to refine the enchantment. Anyone interested in assisting should contact Velarte Selire for more information.

Al’Kabor Continued Research ————————-

Reports have reached the Times that premier Wizard Al’Kabor continues his scientific research. His latest discovery relates to the ability to fuse together several different compounds using a combination of standard alchemical practices and good old fashioned wizardry.

The compound is created from substances not naturally combinable without the use of Al’Kabor’s secret process and is incredibly strong. The compound also seems to dramatically increase the flow of magical energty to any who remain in contact with the compound.

Al’Kabor used the compound to construct a Sceptre of incredible power. Apparently, this sceptre was given to an individual who was very helpful in assisting Al’Kabor in his studies. Regardless of this artifact’s incredible power, no doubt it is viewed as a mere trinket to the mighty wizard.


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