The Antonican Times Vol. 4

New Leads on the Group Known as the Bloodsabres! ————————-

Investigators have been busy these last weeks apprehending many lower ranking members of these worshippers of the Plague Bringer who tried to overthrow Anotnius Bayle and the Council. The questioning of these individuals resulted in turning up new leads that may lead to several of the higher ranking members of this cult. Citizens may remember some time ago when these strange events first began, that two of Qeynos’s finest patrollers Holly Windstalker and Cros Treewind disappeared without a trace. It had happened that the waters of Surefall Glade were poisoned by these Bloodsabres.

Now, investigators have information that may lead them to the two tottering rump-fed miscreants personally responsible for this tragic deed. Though the druids of Surefall Glade were able to purify their waters once again, it was too late for Holly, cros and several of Surefall’s protected animals.

In order to prevent the diseased from spreading, Holly and Cros removed themselves from the area. Unfortunately, Cros Treewind was attacked by one of the sacred animals which was maddened by its sickness. Weak and unable to defend himself, Cros was killed by this defiled grizzly.

Anyone interested in assisting with the investigations or in helping to bring these two paunchy ill-breeding malt-worms to justice should contact the Magistrate Vegalys Keldrane for more information.

<* New Recipe *>

On a lighter note, here is a dish that is sure to entertain as well as satisfy!

Caynar Nut Stuffed Trout

1 Trout, any variety
1 Bag of Caynar Nuts
1 Garnish
1 Spices


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