The Antonican Times Vol. 3

Investigations Begin: Arrests Expected


This week the Council of Qeynos voted for and nearly unanimously approved a resolution to officially begin investigations into the group responsible for unleashing the virulent plague effecting the Plains of Karana and beyond. Kane Bayle was away on business and unable to vote though he is said to have offered his support to the resolution.

Antonius Bayle and council of Qeynos have tasked Vegalys Keldrane with duty of conducting investigations and bringing in suspected members of the bizarre cult for questioning.

“The time has come for us to begin to root out this evil that has been festering in our peaceful community for far too long,” Antonius was quoted as saying.

Vegalys Keldrane, in an effort to expedite the process, has put out a call to those loyal to Qeynos and Bayle for assistance in these investigations. “What we need right now are solid, loyal and trustworthy investigators. I urge any that are interested in becoming an investigator to contact me personally.”

He also went on to note that preliminary investigations had him a bit shaken. “The more I learn from my investigators the more I find that these Bloodsabers have stretched their tendrils of influence all throughout our beloved city and lands beyond.”

Still in the midst of this crisis, Vegalys remained optimistic. “Though their true numbers remain unknown and may indeed be vast, we are completely committed to removing this threat from our midst once and for all.”

When asked about the strategy he would use to accomplish this goal we were told that they already had identified a number of suspected lower ranking members of the cult. He warns the community to expect some arrests in the forthcoming days as these suspects are brought in for questioning.


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