The Antonican Times Vol. 1

Food Prices Rise


Farmers everywhere across the Plains of Karana are reporting heavy crop damage as the plague marches on. Already, citizens of Qeynos and residents of Karana are feeling the pinch as the shortage of grain and other produce continue to cause food prices to rise.

A farmer reported that this year’s crop almost a complete loss. “There is almost nothing left. What little was left was eaten away by swarms of insects a few days ago. I don’t know what I’m going to do” Fears of widespread famine are spreading across the community.

Officials remain upbeat. Vegalys Keldrane, advisor to King Antonius Bayle, had this to say. “Even in light of the poor harvest this year, fears of famine are unfounded. Our city holds enough rations to last a year or longer. Times may just be a bit tight for a little while”

Koada’ Dal Princess Homecoming ————————-

High Elven Princess Firiona Vie was finally delivered safely into the awaiting arms of her father, the King of the elven nation. Onlookers report that the King seemed very pleased to see his daughter again. The king was unavailable for comment.

Priests of Tunare report that Firiona seeks the advice of Tunare Herself on recovering an artifact which she lost during the time of her rescue. She is reportedly working with the priests in Felwithe to accomplish this goal.

Magical Discovery Forthcoming


Al’Kabor has recently reported some progress in his ongoing research. Known as perhapse the most powerful living wizard of our times, Al’Kabor has been gathering ancient Tomes and Manuscripts from ruins and dungeons.

Reports from local Keepers of the Art revealed to The Times that the research will likely result improvements in the field of Teleportation.


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