Mystery in the Mines

The robes of the dark-robed figure billow about it as it passes through the caves of the Solusek’s Eye. The steady thrum of picks on stone grows ever louder the deeper this mysterious figure goes.

The gnomish castle loomed ahead and the figure walked through it, with no caution or care. Upon reaching Marfen Binkdirple, a well-known merchant, it spoke.

“Tell me. I am paying very well for the Solusek Mining Company to aid me. There will be great rewards of riches and veins of ore should you assist, but it must be done quickly.”

“Well, diddly-dee. We’re somewhat busy if you hadn’t noticed. Always more to find. We don’t need your help,” Binkdirple said.

“I’m referring to diamonds, sapphires, and the finest gems in Norrath. Surely you have interest in that,” the figure spoke in deep raspy tones.

“Humph. I don’t care who you are if the price is right, but why the secrecy and how much will you pay?” the gnome asked.

“A handsome price, but I need to speak to someone with authority — your foreman perhaps,” the figure said. “And the secrecy is for your own good. I have need of a passage dug to the north. The reasons are not your concern. We must hurry, so please take me now.”

Binkdirple shrugged and led the dark figure to his foreman to do a bit of business


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