My Theory About Muramites

My Theory About Muramites
by Garald Samer, Master Tailor

I have been honored to be master tailor here on the Queen of Thorns. I have been extremely busy, but Morden has asked us to try to write our discoveries down whenever we can. For a barbarian, he is surprisingly interested in written records.

Adventurers have been returning to the ship with these unusual, rune-etched scales. They tell me that they were part of the armor that these so-called Muramites wear. At first I just shrugged and accepted that as fact, but now that I have examined these scales more closely, I have some concerns.

They appear to be organic scales, marked with some writing or runes that nobody can decipher. That’s certainly strange, but that isn’t what bothers me. From what I and others can tell, these scales seem to have all come from the same creature. Not only that, but they do not come from any kind of animal or being that anyone seems to recognize. The coloration and texture are, well, off. I can’t explain it better than that.

I know leather and skin better than almost anyone. My examination of hundreds of these scales has me very worried. From what I can see, they have all come not from a single family of large creatures, but from one beast in particular. I can’t prove that, of course, but if I am right, this is a frightening concept.

This creature must either shed scales at a horrifying rate, or it is so large that upon killing it, these Muramites were able to outfit their entire army with armor from its scales. If these creatures killed a creature of that size, then I’m very concerned about our chances of defeating them.

There is a positive side to this, though. These scales are a very useful material. I have been dedicating myself to studying the scales themselves, and between Tonlyei and I, we have been able to put them to use. We have created a few new whips using these scales that have potential. We have tried reinforcing them with thread made from the new steel that has been discovered as well, but we discovered that the steel would eventually damage the whip. We found that treating the steel with the blood of a hynid will lubricate it well and reduce the damage.

Of course whips can be made from cat or wolf pelts, even the skins of those horrible brute on Taelosia will work, but the etched scales are amazing. It takes more skill to create a whip from the scales, but the result is worth it.

We have also been working with the hides of the Taelosian animals and have found them to be very good for making backpacks, though they are much stronger if you bind them with the new steel (treated properly, of course). Of the two types of thread the smiths have made, one they call “aligned” and the other “shimmering” steel, the shimmering thread is much stronger, though a little thicker and harder to work with. They also tend to make it a bit longer than the aligned thread. If used carefully, I can use less shimmering steel thread to make a more durable bag.

I suppose I should return to work. It has been nice to set pen to paper again


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