Miragul’s Journal

Miragul’s Journal — Page 191

My most recent foray into the magical coffers of Odus has been fruitful. The ancient research suggests it would be possible to reanimate a living servant using body parts of the fallen. Not a spirit, or zombie, but something else entirely. These writings were purely theoretical, but I believe I have the means to make this a reality. The Erudites can still prove useful to me, though the depth of their research is often crippled by fear of the unknown. Pitifully narrow minds, all of them.

Miragul’s Journal — Page 812

Everything has been arranged. The missing pieces of information required for the ritual were obtained from fledgling students in Paineel. They traded me the knowledge for nearly nothing, having no concept of its value. No matter. By sunrise the specter of mortality will trouble me no more. I look forward to returning to my studies without interruption.


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