Ledger of Pain

Subject: Vah Shir male
Purpose: Interrogation
Method: Torture

The subject seems to have unusual reserves of both self-control and determination. For no reason that we can immediately ascertain, he continues to resist our questions. This leads us to believe that he has privileged information about the Vah Shir. We will continue the current schedule of interrogation until such time as his continued life support becomes impossible.

Addendum: The usual strictures of interrogation have been modified somewhat by the command of the Emperor. Several additional rituals have been added to the torture regimen. Although it is impossible (and unwise) to speculate on the purpose of these ceremonies, it is apparent that they are adding increased strain on the subject. Amazingly, the subject still resists.

A postmortem on his vital organs may provide insight into the source of this tolerance. Hopefully this is an aberration and not a characteristic of Vah Shir in general.

Closing Note: All surviving records of this incident have been sealed by Imperial order. Any further investigation into the destruction of the captive is considered treason. This ledger is finished.


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