Leatherbound Journal

Journal of Dominitri Vaga

Entry One
Oh how I yearn for the day my people will no longer have an association with the monster who calls himself Mayong Mistmoore! The ore shipment that was sent from my people to the Lavastorm Mountains has arrived. I admit that the ore mined by the Firepeak goblins truly is exceptional, but Lord Mayong has no right to force a band of gypsies to stay in such an inhospitable place for long.

Entry Two
Mayong informed me this evening what I am to craft with the goblin ore and I am even further enraged than before! There is no end to the vampire’s foppish vanity! I am to craft ornate chainmail for the hordes of vampires who prowl the halls of Castle Mistmoore!

Entry Three
Today I began construction of the chainmail. I was led to a small room with only a forge, a crate of silver bars, a stack of chainmail patterns, the crates of high quality ore, flasks of water, a file, and a smithy hammer. The hours of smithing ore into rings then linking the rings into the shapes dictated by the patterns seem to never end, and the scent of the molten silver with which I decorate the chain makes my head spin with madness.


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