Kalila’s Diary

(+)Today I met a gentleman of the palace… Behari. As his name implies, he travels often on palace business, to and from Katta Castellum bearing messages of utmost importance to the King himself. This is a station that suits his charming demeanor- I am embarrassed to admit that within moments he could have convinced me of nearly anything! Oh, and such a meeting it was- I was wandering out in the courtyard, longing for a change of scenery from these walls. My forced smile must have belied the wanderlust in my heart, it was no sooner than I had bumped into him (most literally, clumsy that I am) that he spoke of the sights he is free to see. My, how he knew just what to say! A strong man and a handsome voice, I do hope to see this one again…

It was as though the stars and the heavens fell in perfect harmony, for I had never seen such a beautiful night, not even in dream. Behari did come calling again, as only a gentleman would. With the expressed permission of my father (the look on his face was enough alone for me to agree, though I needed no convincing) this man of the set a dinner for us under the watchful eye of Norrath in a quiet corner atop the palace. Everything was simply perfect, the food (for which he hunted and himself cooked), the stars, the enchanting breeze and the touch of his hand on mine… I could not know greater fulfillment.

I have little time to write for the excitement, but I want never to forget this day! The wedding is arranged and just around the corner. Father is beside himself with joy! I am indeed the happiest I could ever imagine being.

Behari… has been long in returning home. Tomorrow was to be our day, but he is almost a week gone missing. I cannot concentrate to write further… he must return to me. He simply must.


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