Journal of Valdoon

It seems the Scions have begun work on a new plan of action that they believe will topple us for good! Hah! As if they had it in them to create something powerful enough to destroy a Trueborn! My spies tell me that they are concentrating on rituals and rites, obviously hoping to invoke some kind of beast from the dark.

Journal of Valdoon

In response to the Scions’ creations, the Trueborn council has granted me authority to go forward with a plan of immediate action. I have commenced construction of a grand army of stone beasts that will serve me. The first objective is to create a patrol to kill any Scions working on the creation of the beasts designed to kill the Trueborn. I consider this entertainment and will relish it when the time comes.

Journal of Valdoon

The creation of the army is going quite well. I think I’m nearly ready to test my precious stone sentinels in battle to see how worthy they are in a fight. I have little doubt that they will far surpass my expectations, especially against the weak powers of the Scions.

Journal of Valdoon

My agents tell me that there are mortals attacking the Scions and that they have managed to breach the outlying areas of my caves. Such insolence is intolerable! It won’t be long before it’s time to set my army loose upon the Scions. But first, I think it will be useful to unleash the fury on my stone beasts upon these so-called Wayfarers to see how mighty they truly are. I am certain they will run back sniveling to the light where they came from!



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