Investigator’s Briefing

*Confidential: For Your Eyes Only*

Please read and memorize the instructions in this booklet.

If your test is successful, you shall receive your badge.

It is imperative that you follow the proper protocols in the execution of these directives.

There is currently an investigator who has been on the trail of three suspected members of the Bloodsabers operating in Southern Qeynos.

You are to locate the investigator and give him this briefing document.

Ask the investigator for the location of the first, second and third suspects. You are to pursue the suspects in the proper order.

Then ask the investigator to follow you. Keep him with you at all times. He has been instructed to make this test difficult in order to test your ability to memorize and follow protocol.

The investigator will offer assistance in the event a suspect is not cooperative.

When you locate a suspect, you must confront them with the direct question:

Are you a member of the Bloodsabers?

If they answer in the affirmative you are to ask investigator for a confession document.

Give the suspect the confession document and have them sign it.

Tell the investigator to summon a guard. The guard will escort the suspect into custody.

You are to follow this protocol with all three suspects. Bear in mind that once word gets out the suspects may flee. Make haste.

When you have collected all three confessions, you are to give them to the investigator who will then reward you with your Investigator’s Badge.

Note: Any unprovoked hostility against those acting in an official capacity by serving warrants or collecting confessions will be taken as an admission of guilt. In this case, the head of the suspect will be accepted in lieu of the signed confession and overwhelming force is both encouraged and recommended.

Long Live Antonius Bayle IV


Vegalys Keldrane,
Lord Magistrate.


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