Interrogator’s Briefing

Interrogator’s Apprentice Briefing

Secret: Your Eyes-Only

With the information gleaned from our investigator’s we have learned that several members of the Bloodsabers have taken refuge in the Southern Plains of Karana. One man in particular, a drifter who fled Qeynos when the arrests began, has information on the whereabouts of two individuals whose actions resulted in the death of one of our most respected citizens during the terrible events that transpired some time ago.

Due to his personality profile we suspect that this drifter will not divulge information willingly nor will he be willing to sign any confessions. More physical means of persuasion may be necessary to get him to comply. Keep in mind that interrogator’s are only authorized to use non-deadly forms of physical persuasion during their interrogations.

You are to locate the interrogator in the Southern Plains of Karana and give him this secret briefing document, which will identify you as an interrogator apprentice. The interrogator will give you further instructions as you begin your hands on training. You are to follow his lead at all times.

Please Note: You should locate an investigator first and obtain an Unsigned Confession Document. It will be needed provided you are able to gain this drifter’s cooperation. Be alert and do not underestimate these individuals. The dark power these Bloodsabers wield is indeed frightening.

In service of Qeynos,
Bayle and the Council

Vegalys Keldrane,


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