Falorn Story

Falorn was born a lusty lad in the frozen plains of the Everfrost. As he grew, he outstripped his peers in both stature and wits.

In his tenth year, Falorn’s tribe was slaughtered by orcs. For an unknown reason the orc chieftain spared Falorn, and took him as his personal slave.

Though the chef was a cruel and torturous master. Falorn thrived under him. Time passed and the hardships forged Falorn into a powerful warrior.

Falorn became free in his eighth year of enslavement. The orcan tribe sought shelter in what appeared to be an empty cave during a severe snowstorm. The hibernating glacial bear within awoke and tore through the orcs. While the orcs scattered, Falorn scrambled for a weapon. He found an axe one of them had discarded in his hurry to escape the enraged bear. Falorn grabbed the axe and carefully took aim. His arm sprang forward like a coiled spring and the axe tumbled through the air towards the enraged beast. With a meaty thwack the axe lodged in the base of the bear’s skull, killing it. Grimfaced, Falorn went to the bear pullled his axe from the carcass and strode away.

Now free, Falorn went south. It was not long before tales spread of a tall barbarian beserker who could not be defeated. Years passed, and both Falorn’s skills and fame grew. After nearly a decade, Falorn returned to the frozen wastes of Everfrost a scarred and grizzled veteran of many battles.

As he traversed the frozen tundra, Falorn met with the Ice Wolf Northman tribe. Falorn traveled with the Ice Wolves for a time and decided to join them.

Falorn approached the tribe elders and stated his intent. The elders named Falorn worthy and presented him with three tests, the tests of strength, skill and force.

Falorn accepted, and after much toil won his right to join the Ice Wolf tribe


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