Digest of Devastating Frills

This is the only story I know now, now that I have been stripped of my corporeal essence on Norrath. My slayer was a mighty wyvern, born of dragon kin and survived through the hardships of the lands for years upon years. I know now that I destined to be a protector of this tomb, for the purpose of spreading my story and keeping those who would foolishly follow in my footsteps out of here.

I do not know what this may mean for my friends Paldar and Ulessa, however I do know that they must never try to follow in my footsteps either, for the good of the land. It is with this protection in mind that I must learn the form of the great wyvern, learn how it moves, how it wields its mighty claws, and how it keeps at bay those who would attack it.

Drakes are easy, for they are simple minded and provide no need for extensive thought. They are warriors, through and through, and will not cease until they are dead, or their foe is dead. Wyverns have the intelligence to take the magical elements of their surrounding and use them to better themselves. They can force the air around them into a highly impactful and very deadly screech that will deafen those who hear it.

It is this power that I am to become. This is my legacy now, and I shall excel at it, regardless of the consequences to myself or to those who I once called friends.


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