Desperation in the Junkyard

November 23rd
– – – – – – – – – – –
I have run low on parts lately. I have to constantly scour the junkyard for useable parts. It is odd that when a clockwork stops working completely I can track it as if it was a deceased creature of nature. The mana that powers the clockwork must leave behind a residual aura as if it was alive. I have since made a Necrotic Diving Device that allows me to more accurately track the remains of the clockwork that has fallen. To make the device I used all the same items as I did for the gauze press but used a Tiny Jade Inlaid Coffin instead of bandages as the focus of the machine. The necrotic power of the Jade Coffin helps the Divining power of the machine. Believe it or not, I got lost in the junkyard yesterday. I spent a long time collecting springs and gears and lost track of the time. It got dark and I could not tell which direction was which. I had left my trusty compass back on my dresser because I did not expect to be out so long. I had to sleep out in the scrap metal last night. This morning I finally got my bearings and headed back to my workshop. I decided to place the compass into my breastplate that I wear out while collecting materials (some of the clockwork have gotten quite aggressive). I took my gnomish compass and attached it to a coiled spring. I then attached that spring to my steel breastplate. I created a switch mechanism that automates the compass to come out for easy viewing, the only extra thing I needed was a steel ball bearing to allow the switch to move from on to off. A class six mana battery is required to keep the switch and automated motors constantly working. While out in the junkyard I got tired of lugging around the huge toolbox that I own for simple tasks. I decided to form a new toolbox that is more portable. I placed a toolbox mold, small brick of high quality of ore, coiled spring, metal bit, and a flask of water into my toolbox and made a nice small toolbox that was a lot easier to carry around.


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