Chronicle of Gromok Vol.IV

The new generation of Ogres exhibited little to no capacity to learn all but the most menial of tasks. The youngsters proved to be incapable of understanding the written languages and they struggled with speech, often communicating in grunts and barely comprehendible babble. We were hard on the first few children of this new generation. We did not yet fully understand what was happening and placed them in dangerous situations or left them stranded in the marsh to fend for their own survival.

As time passed and our colony dubbed Oggok, a word that the youngsters could remember and enunciate, grew in numbers it became apparent to us adults that a great curse had been laid upon our offspring. Every child being born exhibited the same physical and mental characteristics of those first few of the new generation.

Gone were the days of the Rallosian Empire. No longer would there be heroic olive skinned warriors, their dreadlocks adorned with bones of their enemies, brilliant minded tactitions and strategist to ensure our victories, or magi to wield fierce magic and open portals to even the realms of the Gods themselves. I am old now, an elder of my people because I am among the last of the pre-curse generations. I leave these words that I now ink in the care of the most astute of the new generation Ogres, I pray that they will endure after I have gone to join Rallos in the afterlife, perhaps The Warlord will shed some hope on my despair and provide some answers as to why his glorious Empire has fallen.

—- Elder Gromok Hergom,
former soldier of the
Rallosian Legions.


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