Captain of the Sea

Captain Vizk IronTail
Master of the Sea

370 A.G. Vizk, student of the 5th Rung, becomes the youngest Iksar monk to attain the title of Tynn Master. He takes his place among the masters of the Court of Pain.

371 A.G. Master Visk becomes the only Iksar monk to be promoted to the rank of Captain within the Iksar Navy. He is promoted by the great Emperor Rile. This act solidifies the monks and the Legion and ushers in a new age of discipline.

372 A.G. During a coastal patrol being conducted by Captain Visk, a fierce and sudden water spout hits and splinters his ship. The Navy searches for survivors and none are found.

406 A.G. During a Deep Range Patrol a group of Legionnaires is Greeted by Captain Visk. He has survived in the Outlands with no aid. His once proud tail has been ripped from his body by a Trakanasaurus. He becomes a hero. The blacksmiths are ordered to create a tail made of iron. He is now Captain Irontail. Captain Irontail is promoted to Captain of the Iron Guard, a roving coastal Armada. He is also rewarded with great items of magic. In his honor the Baron and the Arch Duke create an awesome weapon called the The Storm Sabre. They also create a lesser blade for all who serve in the Ironguard. The Tynn Foil.

406 A.G. During the Infamous Battle at Timorous Deep, Captain Visk Irontail is defeated as well as most of the Sebilisian Navy. A horde of dragons decended upon them. The navy was vastly outnumbered. So was the end of the great Captain Irontail. Long live his spirit.


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