Assembling the Staff

Gold Filigree: This is needed to bind the staff. Last I heard a strange sort of mermaid made off with it. The hand of Marr may cleanse it.

Staff Section: This was shattered by Mayong’s rage. I do believe something from his castle may in fact entice the one who holds it into speaking.

Staff Section: A strange scarab scampered off with this piece, seek him in the caves.

Staff Section: This was broken in a mountain pass.

Staff Section: The warcaller claimed this one long ago.

Staff Crown: A misguided siren mistakes it for a crown.

Incandescent Oil: This is needed to anoint the staff. First create a glowing concoction of moonwater, magic, light, and that which glows. Take this glowing concoction and brew it with a greasy sort of oil, oil ofa dragon, and some dye.

All-Seeing Eye: You could also call him the eye of Bristlebane.


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