Alexsa’s Research Notes

Aneuk- These odd-looking floating beings seem to be quite adept with magic making them strong against magical incantations.

Ikaav- These snakelike beings are very deadly. The scales on their lower body are all but impervious to slashing weapons, but a well-placed arrow could do some serious damage. They are masters of magical energy making their defenses against such spells very good. However they do seem to be weak against elemental magic like cold.

Ixt- These centaur-like beings are quite bloodthirsty. They appear to be bred for fighting. Their fur covered lower half makes them very resistant to the element of cold but while that fur can protect them from one element it also makes them very vulnerable to fire.

Kyv- These stealthy beings are quite elusive. The kyv have no noticeable weapon weaknesses or resistances, but we do know they have the ability to deflect incoming arrows and thrown objects. It would seem that they are also resistant to poison based incantations, and quite weak to magic based spells.

Noc- While their bony frames make them quite weak against crushing damage, their plated chests protect any major organs, reducing the effectiveness of arrows or slashing weapons. It would appear that their flesh is diseased which makes them resistant to disease based spells but their thin skin means that cold might be quite affective against them.

Mastruq- They seem to be quite resistant to blunt objects, but an arrow or slashing weapon would get through that hide quite easily. Because of their thick hides cold based elemental magic would be quite ineffective while the opposite would hold true for fire magic.

Ukun- They have frail bodies but their blood is a deadly poison. This would imply that they are probably very resistant to poison.

Ratuk- These large beasts wield their axes adeptly and seem to have no major weaknesses save magical based spells. Because of their strange body makeup magic tends to affect them more then other spell types.


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