A Dusty Tome

Day 1, Mistmoore Castle

We finally made our way from the catacombs to the castle. The ensuing battle against the residents of the castle was much easier than I thought it would be. They were weak and not worthy of being in Mistmoore’s army. The castle is now ours. Its former inhabitants have either been destroyed or routed to Lesser Faydark. Nothing can stop us now.

Day 3, Mistmoore Castle

Adjusting to the sunlight has been difficult. I have been spending much time in the castle exploring its many hidden corridors. There was a bit of a problem last night. The werewolves went berserk for some unknown reason and started attacking some of our skeletal minions. The werewolves were thankfully subdued quickly. We will need to have the necromancers summon some more minions to bolster our ranks.

Day 4, Mistmoore Castle

While wandering through the castle, I came across a most curious tome. Most of the pages had been ripped out, but from what I could make of it, it described a great artifact that could be found somewhere within the castle grounds. I could only make out part of its name; Orunis. It is my new mission to find this artifact, whatever it may be.



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