Rumors of War Unfounded

Antonius Bayle issued a statement recently saying that the widespread rumors of war due to the plague unleashed on the Plains of Karana are unfounded. “Though we believe we know the identity of the perpetrators of this terrible crime I must urge all citizens to exercise calm. We are civilized people ruled by law. Thus we must follow the rule of law and not allow ourselves to resort to vigilante justice.”

Vegalys Keldrane told The Times that the matter was still under investigation. He assured us that the perpetrators would be brought to justice. He too urged citizens to remain calm.

Food Shortages Cause Merchants Concern

A poor harvent and damaged crops are leaving some merchants short on certain baked goods. Karn Tassen, local merchant, had this to say about the food shortage.

“It is hard enough to scrape by and make enough money to pay your taxes in this town. Now with this blasted plague effecting everything, I’m starting to run out of stock. It’s a mess I tell you!”

A call has gone out to independent bakers to assist our local merchants and those abroad in keeping their supplies propely stocked. Anyone interested in assisting the community in this time of need should inquire of local members of the Merchants of Qeynos. Those traveling abroad are urged to contact members of the Coalition of Tradefolk.


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