Kerafyrm Awakes – Quotes

When Kerafyrm awakes many dragons throughout Norrath have something to say about it:

Residents of Skyshrine can be heard shouting:
BEWARE! BEWARE! The Sleeper has been awakened! He means death for all who remain here! Time is short, flee the Skyshrine now if you value your life!

Outside of Skyshrine Wuoshi can be heard shouting:
The Sleeper has been awakened! Shun the Skyshrine if you value your lives, for he shall be here soon!

In the depths of Dragon Necropolis Jaled Dar’s Shade will say:
HAHAHAHA! Those fools believed me! Revenge is mine, and destruction is visited upon the world! Ware The Sleeper, fools, for he is AWAKE!

Klandicar in the icy Western Wastes will shout:
Damnation and doom! Some fool has awakened The Sleeper! Avoid those places where Dragons dwell, for Kerafyrm shall surely seek revenge upon us!

Lord Nagafen will say:
Ha! The Ring and Claws are doomed! The Sleeper has been awakened, what a glorious day! Lady Vox, I will see you soon, our long delayed nuptials can now proceed!

While Lady Vox will say:
The Sleeper stirs! A glorious new age for Norrath is about to begin, and my exile is about to end!

Phara Dar from atop Veeshan’s Peak can be heard saying:
Attend me, members of the Ring. The Sleeper is free of his prison, and will surely be seeking revenge!



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