EQNext – Norrathian History 101

Note: 20,000 years of history in chronological order

The Keldarain Era

The Age of Awakening

The Keldarain worship The Four (Note: this may need to move into one of the ages below)

The Age of Balance

The Age of Exploration

The Age of Decline

The Lost Era

The Age of Ruin

The Age of Strife

The Dal Era

(2000 years of elven dominance)

The elves begin forming towns cities and empires

The Age of Ascension begins

Elves figure out how to use The Spires to travel vast distances

The elves run into different races and planes

The Age of Allies begins

Elves form bonds with other societies and create an interracial society

Elves befriend the dragons

The dragons bring much magical knowledge to the elves increasing the speed of the development of the elvish society

A golden age of Norrath occurs with most races being friendly among each other

The elves meet the Shissar

The Shissar trigger a war with another race and elves

The Shissar betray the elves

The elves barely survive – thanks to aid of their other allies

The shissar are pushed back to their home world

The Spires are shut down preventing access from other Shissar worlds

The Takish Age begins

The elves become paranoid that what has happened with the Shissar will happen again with other races

The elvish empire begins to divide

The Koada’Dal movement begins – made up mostly of high born elves

The Koada’Dal, feeling superior (and paranoid), begin subjugating other races which they are able to do with their unique form of magic (High Magic) which even the dragons are afraid of

The Dragons, despite being unable to be subjugated become angered due to their close allies which could become subjugated such as the Kobalds and Drakes

The Dragons become isolated and go back to Velious and cut contact with other races

The Sundering Occurs (A Spire Implodes) destroying Takish’Hiz and causing High Magic to stop working

The Takish Empire falls into civil war

The Civil wars are put down but a strained relationship remains leaving the empire a shadow of what it was

The ruined Takish’Hiz area becomes the area known today as Ashfang

The dragons sweep into Faydwer and begin devastating cities killing countless people

The dragons wipe away the last of the Takish Empire

A new alliance forms between the Feir’Dal with ogres, dwarves, kerrans and other previously subjugated races creating an alliance of equals known as The Combine

The Combine begin to strike back at the Dragons

The dragons are too powerful and the combine are forced to flee

To buy time the Combine make one final stand at Bastion

The elite force of elves, known as the Teir’Dal and led by Keramor Thex, destract the dragons by making a last stand at Bastion while the remnants of the combine flee to the wild frontier of Kunark

The Combine Era

Following the success of The Last Stand (despite the high cost) some of the combine escape to Kunark

The dragons are left behind

The Age of Exile begins

The Combine stumble upon the Shissar on Kunark who are allied with/controlling the Iksar

The Combine become enslaved by the Shissar for 500 years

The Iksar begin an uprising to free themselves from the Shissar and the combine assist them

The Shissar are overthrown by the Iksar and Combine and drive them back to their own world and seal the portal

The Combine and Iksar both build their own societies

The Iksar are broken as a race and find it difficult to not implement some of the methods of the Shissar into their own society

Venril Sathir of the Iksar tries to forcefully keep the Combine empire within the clutches of the Iksar for their knowledge of magic despite some sympathy from some groups of iksar

The Combine do not wish to be subjugated again and decide to leave Kunark and try to take back their own land

The Age of Heroes begin

The Combine sails back to their own land and founds the ragged frontier town of Qeynos as they explore their long lost continent

— Present Day —

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Im7RB67_dm8

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hDGokB01xSs



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