Portrait of Zanne

This is a portrait of a beautiful female. At first you believe it to be of a human female, but on closer inspection, she has traits akin to elves. You notice some engravings along the arch of the portrait.

My beloved blesses our faithful with mirrored tokens of Zanne. My beloved imbues our great constructs with gifted hearts.

To the sentry of the pools and the stones of leering, a heart of diamond. To the favored stone and the stones of jeering, a heart of emerald. To the count of my libation or the castle’s steward, a token of diplomacy. To the master of keys and his student, a token of harmony. To the powerful puritan or those who follow, a token of virtue. To the lord of the plains or those who are honored, a token of harvest. To the mistress of the dance or her ballroom troupe, a token of charm. To the faithful wretch or his despicable kin, a token of bravery. To the immortal artist or the soothsayers, a token of eternity.

With these gifts, treasures are safe from ill hands. When her beloved is adorned, open her vault, you can.


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