Keeper of the Blade

Glancing through the book, you see a wealth of information on locks and keys designed by the Everhot family.

After scanning through page after page, you finally discover information about the Soulfire chest. Its actual name is the Keeper of the Blade. It was created for the Zimel family upon reaching Faydwer, ages ago.

The locking mechanism of the chest requires four unique keys. The first key is actually a metal ankh designed after a rune taken from the Loping Plains. The other three keys are known as the Keys of Binding.

There are three unique Keys of Binding. These keys were crated for the Zimels, but later recorded to have been aquired by Lord Mayong Mistmoore. Although Mayong hides these keys from the world, they can be duplicated if the correct components are obtained.

To create copies of the three keys, a person must first obtain raw components. You will need vibrellium ore from the Everhot Mine. The locksmith will then need one enigma diamond for each key. These diamonds can only be created through the manipulation of the Grungetalon geoanimators. After, the key molds must be obtained from a forge master. The final items are the three blessed forge hammers from the chapel. Take all of these items to the locksmith wheel and you can recreate the Keys of Binding.


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