Wisdom of the Flock

The Wisdom of the Flock
…and the truth as told by our ancestors.

Among the palace you can find shrines to our ancestors. The stories of what they contributed are best told orally, as is the tradition. However, the wisdom they left behind can be discovered with visits to their statues. This book lists those who we revere. Once you visit each, you can record their wisdom.

Va’re’nok the Swift
“To the farthest peak and back before dawn. We stop when the fight is won, no sooner.”

Andan the Stalwart
Through pain of spear and pain of blade,
Stood Andan strong against enemy.
Past anarchy of the Flock’s fall,
Stood stalwart Andan, living wall

Aeristok the Vanquisher
Leader of the final wing,
Champion of The Flock
Eternal guardian of the Four Maidens.

Ampoel the Selfless
The heroes of our future look to those of our past, Ampoel among them. He leads still, if only in spirit.

Kruekil the Soaring
Unbidden lightning, Kruekil’s lance,
It will slay the wayward talon.
Until unleashed, the Flock’s pure love,
There will soar Kruekil, high above.

Vethros the Watchful
Atop the ridge in silent wait,
Upon the wind: your scent, his hunt,
Eyes like sunlight fall upon thee,
From this one’s gaze you can not flee.

Ma’tal of the Fifth Wind
The hopeless rest and wait to die,
Their battered hearts have given up,
Cresting the mountains as morning sun,
Ma’tal of the Fifth wind will come.

Chey’ruk the Vigilant
“My brothers are lost, and so too shall I soon be.”

Inkarun the Decisive
“To know your own fate is an opportunity for early vengeance.”

Maer’sol the Caring
“Give to your enemies that which you value most.”


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