well-worn log book

After much contemplation, I am beginning to believe that we have been looking in all of the wrong places. Or better, perhaps the places we needed to look were not open to us at the time. Whatever the reason was, the fact remains that the Charm’s Way is not the same weapon it was when it was handed to the first of us by the god Lasydia herself, and we have failed to restore the weapon to its former glory.

I’ve heard rumors that the sea knows the whereabouts of the items needed to restore the weapon’s power. If that is the case, then we will need to find the sea’s voice in order to get the information we seek, lest we search the entire world over, and pass up the very objects we are seeking. I can’t be certain what the “voice” actually might be, but I have spent my life on the open sea… I’ll find the answer before long.

A mermaid. Yes, now that I think about it, this only makes sense. The mermaids have been singing the song of the oceans long before man ever thought to sail into the great blue unknown. The task now is to find one and find a way to get the information we need from her. Finding a creature such as that in its own home is going to be difficult to say the very least. But there are plenty of legends and tales to follow, I just have to find the right one.

I know now that the scoundrel is attempting the same thing I am. Either he found a member of my old crew that he paid or tortured to get the information from, or he managed to do his own research on the Charm’s Way. In either case, I’m going to have to act quickly if I am going to retrieve the parts that he needs to empower the sword. Should that happen, the seas would never be safe again as long as he is on them. I will travel to Qeynos first, and speak with the sailors there.

I have just left the docks of Thundering Steppes, and I was able to get some tangible information. However, I’ve been thinking about the mermaids, and all the legends talk about the hostility of these creatures towards men. I am risking my own neck by tryingto find them, but I can’t allow that cur that now calls himself The Pirate Jones to get the information first. Somehow I will find an answer.

I have traveled across several lands and seas, and I have found myself in a place called Dreg’s Landing. I believe that I can find what I need here, in this hostile land, and can use this as a starting point to begin my search for the items I need. I’m not sure what path The Pirate Jones is taking, but I am hearing rumors that he has information similar to mine. If that is so, he could be right behind me. I will need to take precautions so that he does not discover my plans to gather the parts before he does. Perhaps I will just revert to a tried-and-true pirate method of keeping things I want out of the hands of those I don’t want to have them.


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