Welcome to Haven

Welcome to Haven! by Kivrin Feirling

This is a short introduction to Haven and a couple of etiquette rules that keep neutrality pleasant for everyone.

Haven is a refuge for those of us who, by choice or by chance, are not aligned with any of the major cities. As some of us are from one city or the other, tensions can sometimes run high. However, Haven is intended as a respite from the problems outside our walls. We ask that you leave your animosities behind you once you enter Haven.

Many ask us why Haven is in a cave. The answer is simple. When you do not wish to be located with any ease, the best place to go is underground. These caverns are conveniently networked to various locations, which makes Haven ideally situated to those of us in exile.

How did we locate such a great place? This question is much more difficult to answer, as Haven has been continuously inhabited for several generations. Several tunnels within the cavern are collapsed, possibly as a result of the Rending. Fortunately, access to water, sir, and food were not affected.

How can you return to Haven once you leave? Due to its special qualities, return to Haven is only available to those who really, really need it. Once you align yourself firmly with a major city, you’ll no longer be able to enter Haven. While you’re one of us, you’ll always know how to return. In other words… it’s a SECRET that we aren’t about to write down!

By now you have noticed that several folks have made Haven their more or less permanent home. While most of you may view Haven as a stopping point in your journey, others find that life beyond the human cities is quite refreshing. If you like this lifestyle, feel free to stick around! We have many amenities, though permanent housing is not one of them.

Does that mean you can live in exile forever but never have a home? Not necessarily. If you can withstand the journey to the Desert of Ro, Maj’Dul is open to all comers. You will need to be able to get there, however, on your own.

One thing we ask is that you do not carry conflicts with your neighbors into Haven. We strive for a neutral environment as we are all, whether we admit it or not, on the same side while outside the cities. Grievances should be settled before returning to the seclusion of our Haven, to preserve our unique habitat.

Remember that you are not alone on your journey, though at some points alone the way you might feel that way. Others have had to make the same choices you will need to make very shortly. Make friends with those who surround you in Haven, whether you agree with their views or not. This is your home and they are your family, at least for a little while. Safe travels!


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