To Slay a Dragon

We’ve made it past the kobolds and the spiders. Everything here is quite aggressive, and equally strong. We were coordinated, however, and were able to defeat each of the enemies we encountered. Although our plan is to bring many more strong adventurers through here, we will want to warn them to mind the creatures found here – carelessness will cost lives.I’ve approached what appears to be a giant stone structure, like a castle. To our surprise, it appears to be guarded by a race of fire giants, which none of us are eager to fight. However, if we’re going to get the information we need to confront the dragon, we will need to find a way around. We’ve been watching for guard shifts, or sleeping patterns… something to give us an opening.

We couldn’t have predicted, but a group of adventurers came pouring through the caverns behind us. We elected to stay in the shadows and observe the group… either they will kill the dragon themselves, or we will get a good sense of how strong our adversaries are. Initially, they were able to defeat the giants guarding the enhance, and began to push their way into the structure itself.The group has largely been successful. Several of the fire giants are now dead, and they are preparing to make a final push to the dragon. It seems that they are preparing differently for this next fight, however – one of their scouts returned from a run ahead, and it seems like he discovered something that was a cause for concern.

I was correct, but in a way I couldn’t have guessed. The group engaged a creature known as Magus Rokyl – a fire giant wizard far stronger than any of his fellows. They fought well, but the giants had another card to play. It seems that the fighting drew the attention of Warlord Skarlon, another mighty fire giant, and what seemed to be the strongest of their warriors. Combined, the two giants laid waste to the adventurers, leaving only a few survivors, fleeing for their lives.If we are to make our way to the dragon, we will have to contend with these two giants. Their power is frightening, and is something we need to prepare properly for or we will be easily overwhelmed. I have to admit that seeing the two makes me wonder if we are prepared for this at all, but at least we have the information we need to hopefully be ready. May the gods favor our victory.


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